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Queen & King

I love Paulo Coelho quotes and sayings, this one is really interesting:

Important encouters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.

Do you believe in soulmates? I am sure there is another half for everyone of us. Just wonder if paths of those two are able to cross…in their right time, right place…

I want to share some personal experiences…some daydreams….some love/life stories… → into category

Words …

dictionary-1619740_960_720Words have bigger power as we are able to accept sometimes and can hurt more than a gun.

Words can please us, make us totally happy and crazy in a good way and encourage us…But words can hurt as well…think twice before you speak….easy to say but hard to make it real in life….mostly when we are angry, jealous, not in a good mood or pissed off….

We should be careful how to use them ….lets think about some quotes and sayings and leave comments and your opinions. → into category

The Art

Each piece of art is holding/hiding the personal touch of the author…..unconditional love, painful memories, fascinating moments, broken hearts, sad stories, teriffic moments, destinate meetings, dreams…

Books, paintings, the operas, photographs, sculptures, fashion, architecture, cars….which kind of art is the closest to you? I would like to ask you to share your opinions, comments and pictures which mean some kind of ART to you /no porn or nudity please/ → into category

The Historical and Interesting Facts

  There were people, facts and events in mankind history which still effect our lives nowadays.

Jesus, discoveries, wars, presidents, writers, kings and queens, famous people, fashion, philosophers….and who/what else….?

Lets explore the history of our countries and share interesting facts with each other… → into category


20161215_192614As I have mentioned in my intro I will share from time to time some cooking, baking, decorating, facts, pictures, short videos, sayings and events of my life… → into category