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Have you ever had a feeling you don´t fit or don´t belong to the place you are living in /mean your homeland country as well/ ?

Have you ever felt like stranger in your own home?

I spent 13 days in brand new place, with the incredible people whom I met for first time and I felt like at home finally. Somewhere I am totally fitting in and belonging to. I was leaving Slovakia with very special feeling that I am coming home, not leaving home. All those deep inner emotions I had and pr20170218_202136obably hidden for years inside  of me, have meanings now. Somehow I knew it long time before. This is the reason why I felt like stranger and misunderstood so many times, why my friends said to me “You are different”, this is the reason that anything what I tried to do and keep, didn´t endure here. I was born on wrong place. My work is done here, time to move, time to live new life.

Sometimes what you are looking for comes when you are not looking.

I was always yours, you just had to find me.

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