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Jackie K

“I am a woman above everything else.”

The most ic8fbb8013eeca37278ab5515a4b1e8c58onic first Lady, dedicated and beloved wife and mother, strong woman, fashion trendsetter – Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

Every country has some famoust, most well known family, the USA have Kennedy family. Camelot history is the one of my favourite interests.

She was first Lady very short time, but she touched people´s lives.  She stood by her man whole the time, in good and in bad. Always loyal, always ready to  listen, help and protect.

I like her  quotes as well. Those are pretty fitting for nowdays….people have forgotten to try be better, make things better, make world better.

“One man can make difference, every man should try.” 

“We should all do something to right the wrongs we see and not just to complain about them.”80bf43a4e415619439818b0bbdbf6aa9

Being polite is unknown manner for a lot of people too. ” I want minimum information given with maximum politeness.”

Michelle Obama has same spirit as Jacqueline had. I think we will hear about this Lady more in couple of years again. She is intelligent, smart, strong, stylish and classy, I do admire this kind of women.




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