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BE you. DO you. FOR you.

I like this saying: “Go the extra mile. It is never crowded.”

I am starting brand new beggining and life abroad. My longterm dream will come true but it should be pretty easy just leave like that. Life and destiny have their own ways how to keep us down to Earth without pink glasses on. I will be selfish probably first time in my life and I am putting my private happines, new opportunities and challenges over quite comfortable life, longterm job, family and friends.

This will be another big life lesson. I have to, 1846d1d86104caea55849d4ebd9ef18fI need to and I want to sacrifice my life here, because I don´t want to regret anything. I am not 20, 30 even so I do know pretty well what I want. There will be people who will judge me but I don´t care. Everyone of us has the right to be happy. I was waiting for my soulmate for 40 years. No way I will give up after all what we came through.  I am so exciting and starting to manage things and stuff for close my life chapter here.


What was your biggest sacrifice in your life? Have you ever regreted something you haven´t done?


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