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About Me


Hi, I am Martina from Bratislava – big small capital city of Slovakia, country in the middle of Europe.

I love nice and stylish things, the books, various kind of the art, witty words and quotes, decorating/furnishing, music and movies and more….but some words need to stay unspoken for now.

I wanted to be a journalist during my basic school and high school years. When I wanted to start university, the events and things happened, totally changed my life path. I have found and really enjoying myself again since my 40th Bday. 2016 was turbolent and there are new life changing events and things again but definitely different this time. It is Martina´s time to make some dreams come true. So welcome! I do believe you will like it here.

I want to share with you things and the ideas I am passioned about, my everyday and special days and all between experiences, woman/man encounters on every level of love/life. I will be happy if you will cooperate and comments.

With love,